Customize & Personalize...Hand Carved One-at-a-Time Makes Each Piece One-of-a-Kind....Custom Orders Always Welcome!

Engraving a table top       

Welcome to our website!  A great place to find that one-of-a-kind gift for the person who has everything.  No chemicals...not computer or machine lasered...not sandblasted.  I engrave each piece by hand one at a time, so no two are exactly the same.  The picture is carved into the glass with a small, pen-like engraving tool that revolves at 400,000 rpms - much like a dental drill.  This engraving tool gives me the flexibility and maneuverability to engrave whatever you want -- My motto is:  IF YOU CAN SPELL IT OR DESCRIBE IT, I CAN ENGRAVE IT!  The engraving is permanent and will never chip, wash or wear off.

The best part of the art is that it is functional -- Choose from mugs, pubs, pilsners, wine goblets, decanters, vases, mirrors, picture frames, electric pepper or salt mills and much more.  Tell me what you want engraved...spell it, describe it or send me a photo and I'll engrave it...making sure that it's a gift that will get used and be a continuing reminder that you care!  Check out some recent engravings in the slideshow below.  You can order online by choosing an available style of glass and a design from the  Products and Designs pages -- or send me your completed Custom Order Form from the Custom Orders Page and I'll get to work on your personalized and customized piece of functional art!